Wine and Art Walk


  • Visitors walking on a paved path looking at an art show
  • Visitors walking on a paved path looking at an art show
  • Meadow Lake with a few art show tents in the distance
  • Visitors walking on a paved path looking at an art show

Schedule and Location

Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19, 2018.

11:00am - 5:00pm each day

Meadow Lake Trail, north of the Visitor's Center

Enjoy live music, sip wine, and shop for unique nature-themed art as you stroll around Meadow Lake.

Browse this juried art show featuring photography, woodturning, jewelry, digital and traditional painting, ceramics, fused glass, and more from Midwest artists. 

2018 Artist List:

Lary Anderson - Wood

Joanne Barsanti - Mixed Media

Barb Beckman - Glass

Jacqueline Bevan - Jewelry

Dorothy Bury Shaw - Mixed Media (Drawing)

Maggie Capettini - Painting

Rosie & Dave Claus - Mixed Media

Brooke Davis - Stone

Joan Drizin - Metal

Bob Forstall - Wood

Alison Fox - Glass

Faith Givings - Ceramics

Nancy Gorman - Ceramics

Paula Grill - Fiber

Pamela Hamilton - Other

Jeff Hart - Wood

Tara Hicks - Jewelry

Sandra James - Jewelry

Kate Keilty - Ceramics

Robert Kuksuk - Mixed Media

Marcia Lamoureux - Wood

Shelly Lawler - Mixed Media

Bob London - Photography

Boguslaw Lowczyk - Photography

Jane Mari - Mixed Media

Dorothy Mason - Painting

Julie Matos - Jewlry

Josh Merrill - Photography

Miranda Meyer - Photography

Lisa Morgan - Painting

Paul Morrison - Wood

Marybeth Otte - Ceramics

Rozanne Priebe - Painting

Sandy Squillo - Jewelry

Bala Thiagarajan - Painting

Augustina Tyson-Dunne - Photography

Matthew Urban - Glass

Liz Waddington - Painting

Barb Wilcop - Ceramics

Lisa WIlliams - Jewelry

Susan Wilson - Painting

Jim Young - Painting

Carmen Zajicek - Mixed Media

Fees and Admission

The art show is free with admission. Wine, beverages, and snacks available for purchase around Meadow Lake Trail.

Registration Information

Here is what artists had to say about our 2017 event:


"Surrounded by nature, this festival is VERY well attended, making it one of my most successful art festivals two years in a row.  It is well run, with set up and take down that is easier than most.  It is fun and energizing, and profitable."


"The Morton Arboretum is the perfect venue to hold a nature themed Art Fair.  The staff of the Arboretum ensures that this event is a perennial favorite of both artists and patrons alike.  Amidst many art events in the Chicagoland area, the Morton Arboretum Wine and Art Walk is a major highlight."


"Beautiful venue filled with enthusiastic, knowledgeable patrons."

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