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5 Outdoor Exercising Tips

January 2, 2013
It's tough to stay fit on cold, snowy, and rainy days that seem made for curling up with a good book. But drop bad-weather excuses. Here, our staff offers five tips for staying warm, safe, and stylish too.
  1. Dress “dry,” not just “warm,” says Megan Dunning, manager of community education and outreach. “Wet clothing is a major chill factor and a real hazard,” she says. “Keeping water away from the layers near your skin is key to staying warm. That heavy silk Pashima style wrap is beautiful and also a great way to add warmth.”
  2. Layer up, recommends Anne Stratton, visitor programs coordinator.  “My new favorite thing is a ‘down shirt.’ It’s comfy and light weight and surprisingly warm. It’s great for layering under a Gore-Tex shell.”
  3. Safety first, says Donna Smith, horticulturist. Smith recommends sturdy boots and soles with a good tread “for some gripping power.”  Another tip: “Try putting on socks just before you go out, so you don't sweat in them. Otherwise your feet will get cold faster.”
  4. Keep Moving. “As cold as it can get outside during the winter, when you stay active you'll stay warmer,” says Smith. ”Brisk walking, running, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing will get you moving and warm on even the coldest days.”
  5. Protect Your Skin. Hydrate inside and out. “Keeping your head and face warm helps keep extremities warm,” says Dunning. “I personally like something to block the winds and chill on my neck as part of this strategy, whether it's a scarf, high collar or neck gaiter.” Anamari Dorgan, director of education, recommends Mizuno thermal gloves. “Great warmth and breath ability for running...and I always cover those delicate ears!”