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The Arb Love (and Friendship) Connection

October 22, 2012

Lisa Speidel:  “My husband and I spent our one-year anniversary at the Arboretum . . .  and that was actually the very first time I was ever there. This Oct. 11, 2012, was our 15th anniversary.”

Sandy Marchetti: “Scott, now my husband, has been an Arboretum member for many years. Some of our first dates were to the West Side of the Arboretum. He proposed in the Fragrance Garden and we were married on the Thornhill patio in September.”

Kathy Lehman: “I am from Detroit. My husband has lived in Chicago for 25 years. We met in Los Angeles. While dating long-distance, he told me about this place that had my last name, Morton. When he showed me this wonderful place, I thanked him for giving it to me, like a magical gift. When I moved here and he proposed, it was a natural to have our wedding at the Arboretum.”

Lisa Parks Miller:  “My friend and spiritual sister, Ruth, introduced me to the Arboretum with a membership when I graduated from seminary. It was so new for me that I didn't use it much then. Occasionally she and I would have lunch at the picnic tables and enjoy the trees surrounding us. That was all. But I was beginning a relationship with this wonder-filled place. It went on like this for several years after that . . . a few trips in throughout the year. In 2001 Ruth died of cancer, but I always think of her when I go to the Arboretum. Now I bring people there myself for special lunches. I have my own relationship with the Arboretum and the magic of the hikes, trails and picnic spots. I meet God there every time I go. I love the flowers each season and the plants, not to mention the special activities.”

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