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The Arboretum Store Has Got Gardeners in Mind With These Fresh Finds

A store display of bunny-related merchandise.
The Arboretum Store is a great place for spring decor and tools for the outdoors.
March 23, 2017

The weather is warming up and you're looking out at your garden beds full of possibility for a beautiful growing season. Before planting commences, take a look at what The Arboretum Store has on its shelves to make working in your yard easier as well as more colorful and fun. 


Small red plastic devices in a box. Ring Weeder
Discover the best new little tool for your garden. The ring weeder fits on your finger and helps you to get the whole root when weeding by hand. This device is tailor-made for tight places such as containers, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Pick one up for $5. 


A display of gardening boots. Joules Rainboots

These hard-wearing rubber rainboots look stylish, whether you’re taking a stroll in the rain, working in your garden, or running errands. Colorful florals and patterns will brighten any day and a side buckle detail and enhanced tread grip add to their appeal. The boots come in three heights and liners are also available for cooler days at $15. Boots run $69 to $85, a special design with Neoprene retails $110. 


The cover of a gardening journal with a flower pattern. Orla Keily Gardening Journal

This stylish gardening journal is a great way to organize plans and ideas. The journal comes with storage pockets for seed packets, business cards, and magazine cuttings. Also inside find graph paper pages for plans and sketches, guided pages for notes and planting records and checklists of key gardening equipment, adorned throughout with distinctive illustrations and bound with cloth for a total price tag of $19.99.


Wooden poles decorated with illustrations of flowers and birds. Art Poles 

These colorful art poles are a great way to add whimsy to your garden.  The bright artwork is laminated onto a lightweight PVC pole for fade-resistance as well as durability. With their hardware included, these poles are easy to install. The artwork is priced $65 to $225.