fbpx Bloom Report: April 12-18, 2019 | The Morton Arboretum

Bloom Report: April 12-18, 2019

A white and yellow daffodil
April 12, 2019

The first daffodils are blooming at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, especially in beds around the Visitor Center. Thousands more flowers will be opening for weeks to come, since the Arboretum has many different varieties of daffodils that bloom at different times.

The earliest magnolia blooms are just beginning to open on Frost Hill and in the Magnolia Collection. In the Ground Cover Garden, you’ll find hellebores in full bloom, along with the first golden forsythias. In the East Woods, the first wildflowers are in bloom—sharp-lobed hepatica and bloodroot. You’ll also find bloodroot blooming in the Maple Collection, along with crocuses and bright blue scilla. On the West Side, along the alternate route to Lake Marmo, crocuses and scilla are in flower along with white snowdrops.

Witch-hazels are still in bloom in many locations, and Cornelian-cherry dogwood trees are just beginning to open their yellow flowers. Weather will make all the difference for spring bloom. Many more trees and plants are just on the edge of blooming, and a warm day or two will cause them to flower. And while you’re here, drop by Crowley Marsh and other wetlands to hear the chorus frogs singing.