fbpx Bloom Report: April 19-24, 2019 | The Morton Arboretum

Bloom Report: April 19-24, 2019

Pink star magnolia flowers in Children's Garden
Star magnolia in Children's Garden
April 19, 2019

It’s magnolia time! The first white magnolias are in bloom in the Magnolia Collection, and white and pink magnolias also can be seen along the path of Frost Hill, and along Joy Path on the West Side. Jaunty yellow daffodils are beginning to bloom in many locations, although the full display in Daffodil Glade is yet to come.

Spring wildflowers including sharp-lobed hepatica, bloodroot, spring beauty, and toothwort are starting to bloom in a number of locations, including the East Woods trail between Parking Lot 9 and Big Rock; the Appalachian Collection south of Parking Lot 16; and Pine Hill west of Lake Marmo.

Hellebores and vivid blue scilla are in flower in the Ground Cover Garden near the Visitor Center and the Fragrance Garden near the Thornhill Education Center. You’ll also find yellow forsythia shrubs blooming and Cornelian-cherry dogwood trees beginning to bloom near the Hedge garden and in many other sites around the Arboretum. Look for pussy willows in the Midwest Collection and listen for chorus frogs in Crowley March and in the wetland at Parking Lot 19. 

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