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Bloom Report: May 3-9, 2919

Close up of redbud blooming on the grounds
Redbud blooms at The Morton Arboretum.
May 3, 2019


Undaunted by the recent wet weather, trees, shrubs, and wildflowers are in bloom all over The Morton Arboretum. Redbuds, with their lavender-pink flowers against black bark, are in bloom everywhere, but especially around Lake Marmo. You’ll also see many serviceberry and pear trees covered in white flowers. Though some magnolia blooms were touched by the April snowstorm, others are in their glory.

Daffodils of every shade of yellow and white are blooming in sweeps amid the trees. In the Ground Cover Garden, the Fragrance Garden, and many other locations, you’ll be swept away by the sweet pink-and-white blooms and intoxicating fragrance of viburnums.

Wildflowers are spectacular out along the East Woods trails between Parking Lots 9 and 13 and near Sterling Pond west of Parking Lot 28. You’ll find tiny pink spring beauty, white and yellow trout lilies, Dutchman’s breeches, toothwort, Eastern false rue anemone, pale purple sharp-lobed hepatica, dark red trillium, and yellow bellwort and bristly buttercup.  Near Parking Lot 11, Virginia bluebells are a blue carpet in the woods. You’ll also see them flowering in the Ground Cover Garden, along with many other perennials including Siberian bugloss; hellebores of many colors; red, orange, and yellow barrenwort; and yellow celandine-poppy. Meanwhile, the floor of the forest is bright green and as trees are opening their green leaves, trails are becoming shady. Near wetlands, frogs are still singing. Still to come: crabapple and cherry tree blooms! 

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