fbpx Bloom Report: May 9-15, 2019 | The Morton Arboretum

Bloom Report: May 9-15, 2019

Pink flowers on a crabapple tree
May 9, 2019

Crabapple trees in white and all shades of pink are in bloom all over The Morton Arboretum this week. You’ll find especially spectacular displays in the Crabapple Collection near Parking Lot 5 on the East Side and in the Flowering Trees Collection on the West Side near Parking Lot 19. Dogwoods are blooming in the Appalachian Collection near Parking Lot 16 and elsewhere.

Redbuds glow with lavender-pink flowers in many places throughout the Arboretum's woods, as well as near the ever-popular Lake Marmo and Meadow Lake.  Some magnolias and many daffodils are still in flower. In the East Woods and many other spots, wildflowers are lovely along the ground.

Virginia bluebells carpet the ground beneath the trees near Parking Lot 11 and bloom in many other spots, including the Ground Cover Garden. In the East Woods, you’ll also find woodland phlox, white trout-lily, bristly buttercup, toothwort, Jacob’s ladder, celandine poppy, rue anemone, prairie trillium, bellwort, great white trillium, and violets.

Many shrubs are flowering, including fragrant viburnums and dwarf fothergilla, and the new leaves of trees overhead are a thousand shades of green. It’s a glorious week at the Arboretum!

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