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Continue the Troll Hunt with Finds from The Arboretum Store

Displays of gardening and nature-themed bowls and other merchandise at the Arboretum Store.
July 3, 2018

Trolls are emerging from the woods of The Morton Arboretum. In celebration of these giant, unusual creatures, The Arboretum Store has stocked up on some unique troll-themed items, including apparel and books. Shoppers can also pick up repurposed wooden items for the home, a nod to the reclaimed wood that artist Thomas Dambo used to create the larger-than-life trolls guarding the Arboretum’s forest.


Gray shirt with black lettering and troll foot drawing



Black shirt with the words troll hunt in red

Adult Troll Hunt-themed T-shirts
Adults can celebrate Troll Hunt with shirts available in two exclusive designs. T-shirts, which are made with polyester, cotton, and rayon, are available in sizes small through double extra large. $24


Red shirt with black lettering and troll illustration



Gray shirt with black lettering and troll foot drawing

Youth Troll Hunt-themed T-shirts
Shirts in youth sizes are also available in two designs that can only be found at The Arboretum Store. T-shirts, made with polyester, cotton, and rayon, range in size from small to extra large. $18


Book cover featuring illustrations of food

“The Troll Cookbook”
Created by Karima Cammell and Clint Marsh, "The Troll Cookbook" showcases creative ways to prepare and share meals using simple, seasonal foods and classic techniques. Stirring together hearty helpings of myth with hands-on methods, this coobook features whimsical pictures showing trolls delighting in the food they’ve made. Recipes will instruct readers on how to make their own yogurt, capture airborne yeast to create sourdough bread, preserve seasonal foods to enjoy later, and much more. $35

Book cover featuring illustrations of Nordic trolls


“D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls”
This children’s book explores the world of Norse mythology, pulling the curtain back on an enchanted world of trolls. They come in many forms, dwelling on mountains, in forests, even underwater, and this book by the husband-and-wife team of Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire brings these mythical beings to life through fascinating stories and imaginative illustrations.  $19.95

A selection of reclaimed wooden items including a pencil, coaster and ornament

Reclaimed Wood Items

Wood Slice Riser
This untreated wooden riser adds a touch of nature to home décor. Each piece is one of a kind. $14

Branch Pencils
Real tree branch trimmings are transformed into pencils. $1.50

Wood Coaster
Place your drink down on a natural, untreated wooden coaster. $3

Arboretum Wood Slice Magnet and Ornament
Made from real wood and laser engraved with the Arboretum logo, this wood slice can be purchased as a magnet or as an ornament. $7