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Cutting Your Own Tree

November 28, 2012
Many families enjoy an annual expedition to cut a fresh Christmas tree. Here are some tips from Plant Information Specialist Doris Taylor:
Measure. Looks can be especially deceiving under the open sky, so double-check the available space and bring the measuring tape with you to make sure your chosen tree will fit.
Have a roof rack on the car. Bring rope or stretch cords. Getting to most tree farms requires a drive on the highway, so the tree must be securely fastened for the trip home.
Call ahead. Make sure you know the procedure and prices.
Bring snacks. It’s hungry work, especially for small children.
Dress warmly. Wear a hat, work gloves, and sturdy, waterproof shoes for tramping around while you select your tree. Usually, you will have to drag the tree back to the barn for measuring.
Cut in teams. One person should hold the trunk while the other lies on the ground to do the cutting. Usually the farm will supply a bow saw, although it never hurts to bring one.
Cut again. Sap will seal the trunk on the way home. Just before you set the tree in the stand, cut off another inch so the tree can absorb water.