fbpx Explore Cultures of the Continent at The Morton Arboretum's Passport Europe Festival, September 22-23 | The Morton Arboretum

Explore Cultures of the Continent at The Morton Arboretum's Passport Europe Festival, September 22-23

Two children help a musician carry a 12-foot horn
The Alpenhorn musical instrument is always a hit at the Passport Europe Festival.
September 6, 2018

Visitors won’t need to travel far to watch authentic dance performances from Greece, learn about time-honored sports from the United Kingdom, and enjoy the music of the traditional Bavarian instrument, the 12-foot-long Alpenhorn, this September. 

The Morton Arboretum’s fifth-annual Passport Europe Festival will feature dancing, live music, and athletic demonstrations Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23.

Taking place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and free with Arboretum admission, the festival will also draw attention to the Arboretum’s well-established trees from throughout Northern Europe.  

The Morton Arboretum’s fourth-annual Passport Europe Festival will feature dancing, live music, and athletic demonstrations Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24.

  • Take in the fast footwork of Spanish flamenco dancers accompanied by Guitarra Azul, an ensemble performing on the Spanish guitar.
  • Watch a demonstration of hurling, a traditional Irish field sport played with bats and a ball.
  • Stand among living statues covered in paint and wearing costumes that coordinate with the festival’s European theme.
  • Enjoy traditional German songs during a set from oompah band Jimmy's Bavarians.
  • Listen to spirited Polish polka music from Danny Mateja & the IPA Band.
  • Croon along with Rat Pack Jazz. In addition to his Italian repertoire, singer Frank Lamphere performs covers of classic Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs.  
  • Witness the intricate and graceful techniques of the dancers of Salt Creek Ballet.

“Visitors can enjoy a wide range of performances that highlight the diversity of European cultures while enjoying tree collections from throughout the continent, like the  towering trees of our Spruce Plot that make you feel as though you’ve traveled to a forest in Romania,” said Gina Steele, special events coordinator at The Morton Arboretum. “Visitors can also explore a vendor expo, join in the activities, and dine on dishes with a European connection.”