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Hikes at The Morton Arboretum

A woman walks along a woodland trail with snow cover
Enjoy a hike at The Morton Arboretum

Get out and explore the Arboretum's 16 miles of paved or wood-chipped trails, open from 7 a.m. to sunset.

Here are our suggestions for hikes:

  • Big Rock is a 25-minute hike from Big Rock Visitor Station if you take the shorter Woodland Trail (.6 miles), and a 40-minute hike if you take the longer Heritage Trail (1.3 miles). Both trails lead you through oak and maple woodland habitat. Interpretive panels along the short paved loop at the Visitor Station help you explore the geology and native plants you will discover as you walk the longer Heritage Trail.
  • Escape to the West Side and take a walk down Joy Path. Begin near the Fragrance Garden, walk past the Flowering Trees Collection , take a peek at the DuPage River and then wind your way around to Lake Marmo. Not for the faint of heart; be sure to wear your hiking boots!
  • Meander down Thornhill Trail. Although you’ll begin your journey at Thornhill Education Center, you will quickly find yourself in a quiet woodland. See Sunfish Pond, then stay to your right and hike past the Europe Collection.
  • At 1.58 miles, East Side Main Trail Loop 2 is the longest of all the Arboretum's trails. This wood-chipped trail passes through the Appalachia Collection, the Buckeye Collection and through oak woodlands, maples, beeches, and more.