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The Stories Behind the Tributes

March 27, 2013
As you explore the Arboretum, have you ever paused in front of a tribute marker and wondered at the story behind that tree, bench, brick, or book? We asked a few of our the donors behind our Tribute Walkway bricks to share what their inscriptions mean and why it was important to have a tribute at the Arboretum.
Karla and Anne
4 Ever Friends
Anne and Karla met several years ago at College of DuPage and, even though there is a 30-year age difference, they have developed a strong friendship. They describe the Arboretum as a "happy place" and meet here at least once a month to walk.
Happy 80th Birthday Janet Fender
With Our Love
Janet’s children thought to give her a tribute brick in honor of her 80th birthday. Why? At 80, she still finds the Arboretum a safe, convenient, and peaceful place where she just loves to walk.
Together Forever
Kathy and David Maren
David Maren writes, “The Morton Arboretum has been my home away from home for 40 years, and it represents a tribute to everything that is beautiful in nature. It was only natural for Kathy and me to celebrate the beginning of our new life together in the comfort and beauty of this wonderful venue.”