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The Center for Tree Science: Securing the future of trees

Around the world, trees are under threat in the wild and in urban areas. Only concerted effort can preserve tree diversity, urban forests, and the many benefits they provide to people and the environment. But those efforts are hampered by a lack of scientific understanding of the complex challenges faced by trees and forests and by a diminishing pool of people trained to meet those challenges. The Center for Tree Science at The Morton Arboretum catalyzes scholarship and training for the future of trees and people.

What is the Center for Tree Science?

The Center for Tree Science brings together experts from botanical gardens, universities, government, industry, and other organizations to participate in collaborations that generate new knowledge and provide training to address key challenges facing trees in urban areas and in the wild. The Center for Tree Science follows a simple consortium model and engages a Steering Committee to guide scientific objectives.

The Center works towards its goals by supporting the following activities in which collaborators can be involved: collaborative research projects; small grants; fellowships; internships; mini-courses; workshops; conferences; a program for undergraduates to gain research experience; and a research and demonstration area on the grounds of The Morton Arboretum to engage the public. By creating a nucleus of experts who regularly work together, exchange ideas, and use their collective achievements and strengths to increase research, training, and funding opportunities for tree science, the Center for Tree Science energizes tree science and serves as a primary source for expertise on trees. 

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Download the complete  PDF iconCenter for Tree Science Strategy (PDF)