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Symposium Presentations

During the last week of the program, students present their work at the annual Center for Tree Science Undergraduate Research Symposium. The audience consists of staff, volunteers, members of the public, as well as friends and family, and is a great opportunity for speakers to utilize the science communication training they received throughout the summer. Please use the links below to view the presentations.

A young woman presents in front of a large screen
Presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium


2019 Symposium 

Full Presentation with guest speaker, Dr. Meg Lowman, aka Canopy Meg (website).

Perry Giambuzzi

Jamilys Rivera

Gabriela Krochmal

Andrew Archundia

Jessica Langguth

Ella Segal

Rachel Sims (REEF)

Sydney Kaplan

Mariah Casmey

Bailie Muñoz (RTF)

Alice Bieda


2018 Symposium

Full Presentation with guest speaker, Dr. Gary M. Lovett (website)

Cori Butkiewicz

Rachel Sims

Ashley Wojciechowski

Lydia Schlaefke

Elizabeth Gibbons

Alyssa Barrantes-Leonard

Taskeen Khan

Alex Bernhard

Sarah Kania


2017 Symposium

Full Presentation with guest speaker, Dr. Richard B. Primack (website)

Alyssa Gao

Amy Byrne

Sara Desmond

Taskeen Khan

Sierra Lopezalles

Samantha Panock

Katie McGee


2016 Symposium

Full Presentation 

Mackenzie Coden

Kirsten Triller

Ali McGarigal

Quinn Taylor

Kasey Pham

Nick Steichmann


2015 Symposium

Full Presentation

Mary Babiez

Bruce “Jake” Berger

Jacob Cerminar

Angélica Bannwart Lopes

Erin Pfarr

Nick Steichmann


2014 Symposium

Full Presentation

Includes: Katie Klaus, Liz Carter, Erik Desotelle, Breane Budaitis, Felipe Santich, Brian Maule, Stuart Hupp


Highlights from past Undergraduate Research Symposiums

Group of presenters in front of a large screen
Student presenters posing with guest speaker


Undergraduate Research Program participants posing for a photo
Student researchers gather during the symposium luncheon

Undergraduate students and Morton staff in front of the Administration Building
Celebrating a successful symposium