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Tree conservation in Latin America

Working with partners from multiple sectors in Latin America to research and protect threatened tree species, and advance tree conservation across the region

Tree conservation in Latin America


Mexico is the center of diversity for the world's oak species (genus Quercus); it is home to 162 oak species, 109 of which are endemic. At the same time, however, trees in Mexico and Central America face serious threat of extinction from climate change, expanding agricultural land use and deforestation for timber. The Morton Arboretum intends to understand and protect oak diversity in Mexico and Central America through various collaborative conservation initiatives and projects. In order to conserve specific threatened oak species, as well as larger ecological hot spots, the Arboretum works with colleagues across the region from academia, botanic gardens, and other sectors to implement on-the-ground conservation projects, training workshops, and capacity building resources. The Arboretum also coordinates the Oaks of the Americas Conservation Network to strengthen collaboration and coordination between oak experts across the region.

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Franklinia Foundation, Lawrence Foundation, Chicago Zoological Society

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