Vanishing Acts interpretive resources

Vanishing Acts, a traveling exhibit










The Morton Arboretum has gathered interpretation resources to help your visitors better utilize the Vanishing Acts travelling exhibit. They'll learn more about globally endangered trees, the efforts underway to protect them, and simple actions we can all take to promote tree conservation.


Guide to Threatened Trees


Vanishing Acts, a traveling exhibit

Read in-depth explorations of all trees featured in the exhibit within the Vanishing Acts Resource Guide, or, choose separate sections below.
PDF iconVanishing Acts Resource Guide (PDF)

Introduction Guide

The Vanishing Acts Introduction Guide includes the following sections

  • Why save endangered trees?
  • Evaluating the threats
  • What are the threats to trees? 

  Vanishing Acts Resource Guide Intro (PDF)

Individual Tree Guides:


Walking Tour Guide

Walking Tour Step-by-Step Guide: Guidelines for creating a custom tour of endangered plants at your site.  Vanishing Acts Walking Tour Guide (PDF)


Podcasts—Vanishing Acts Voices

These downloadable audio files feature stories and interviews about endangered trees. Hear experts explain threats, trees, and action taken.

Listen. Audio iconRediscovering the Dawn Redwood.
Interview with Kunso Kim

Listen. Audio iconWhy Are Scientists Collecting Seeds? 
Interview with Kris Bachtell, Vice President of Collections and Facilities at The Morton Arboretum. 

Listen. Audio iconDinosaur Trees
What did trees look like during the age of dinosaurs? Do any species from that era survive today?

Listen. Audio iconMagnolia Crisis   
Learn about the crisis facing magnolias and what is being done to save them.

Listen. Audio iconDiscovering the Wollemi Pine. 
Hear how trekker David Noble discovered a living stand of Wollemi pines in Australia in 1994. 


Outro: Action for the Future

The Vanishing Acts concludes with action plans for the future, the document includes the following sections:

  • Conserving Trees for our Future
  • How Can You Help?
  •  Acknowledgements and Additional Resources

 Vanishing Acts Resource Guide Outro (PDF)