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Tree care and maintenance

Tree Care

Tree care is especially important in highly urbanized areas. Compacted soil, poor drainage, sidewalks, utility lines that run through root zones, road salt: All these factors make it difficult for trees to survive along streets, in parks and schoolyards, in office parks, and in yards.

  • PDF iconTree Tools Tree Management PlansThe basis for the care and repair of any community infrastructure is a routine management strategy.  The same can be said for green infrastructure--trees! The Community Trees Program has developed a webinar and Tree Tool with information on and examples of forestry management plans which can assist you in protecting and maintaining the community forest.
  • Tree Mulching offers guidance on the best way to arrange mulch.
  • PDF iconRetrofitting Large Landscapes for Sustainability is The Morton Arboretum’s online handbook for property owners, managers, and residents. The handbook is based on the idea that all parts of the landscape are interconnected and any change—even a small one—can improve the entire property, reduce its management budget, and help the environment at large.