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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of The Morton Arboretum is responsible for overall governance of the institution and advancement of its mission. As corporate and civic leaders, trustees are elected to their roles of overseeing the administration and operations of the Arboretum.


Stephen C. Van Arsdell, Chair

Amy Louis, Vice Chair

Charles P. McQuaidTreasurer

Robert L. Fealy, Secretary

Anna Caroline Ball

Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.

Walter W. Becky II

Barbara J. Bradford

Christopher B. Burke

Mary L. Burke

Trisha L. Conley

E. James Dondlinger 

Dayle M. Gillett

Mark C. Gossett

Matt Harris

Troy D. Hammond

Kenneth Koranda

Robert J. Schillerstrom



Elisabeth G. Bacon

Stephen W. Baird

Natalie Culley

James F. Dickerson

Ann Grube

Darrell B. Jackson

Henry B. Pearsall

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