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Photography permits

A bridal group primping while a photographer gives direction

The Morton Arboretum is the ideal picture-perfect setting for any portrait.  A permit is required for all posed and formal photography or video recording. 


Permits are required for professionally conducted formal photography and videography for private personal and commercial events and activities. Permit sales are subject to availability, and permits must be applied for at least three days in advance of photo shoots. Information about fees, schedules, and regulations is available at photography@mortonarb.org. If you are holding a special event and renting facilities at The Morton Arboretum, the permit fee is waived. 

UPDATE: We appreciate your interest in securing a photo permit and using the Arboretum to mark a special occasion in your life. While the Arboretum is open on a limited basis for the purpose of providing health and wellness benefits, we are not conducting all business as usual due to the COVID-19 situation. We have, therefore, cancelled all photography reservations and will not be issuing photography permits for the remainder of 2020.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. Once the situation changes, it will be reflected on our website. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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