Visitors will find 33 parking lots along the roads winding through the Arboretum. These lots vary in size and surface. Parking Lot 1 (P1) and Parking Lot 21 (P21) are used the most.

Adjacent to the Visitor Center is Parking Lot 1 which includes accessible parking spaces. This parking lot is close to the Visitor Center, Plant Clinic, Ginkgo Restaurant, Arboretum Store, and Children's Garden. The distance from the furthest parking spot to the main entrance of the Visitor Center is one quarter of a mile. The nearest accessible trail is the Meadow Lake Path.

P1 is an environmentally friendly parking lot with uneven pavers. The accessible parking spaces and pathways to the Visitor Center feature smooth pavers. For more information on P1, including a photo of the pavers, and information on how it sustains a better environment, please see PDF iconMain Parking Lot (PDF) 

On days with high visitation, P1 is frequently at capacity and incoming traffic is directed to the next-closest parking lots. Our Parking Attendants do their best to identify cars with accessible parking placards and direct them to the nearest available space. Because these placards are often hard to see when hanging from a rearview mirror, please make sure it is visible to our Parking Attendants when you arrive (we recommend holding it out the driver’s side window). Guests are also welcome to use the drop-off circle in front of the Visitor Center. If you need direction to the drop-off circle, a Gatehouse Attendant or Parking Attendant will be happy to direct you.

Parking Lot 21 (P21) is located at the Thornhill Education Center, where the majority of our education courses take place. This lot is close to the Thornhill Education Center, Founder's Room, Fragrance Garden, and Thornhill Shelter. The nearest accessible trail is Joy Path.

P21 is a paved asphalt parking lot.