September 2015: Nature photography

Magnolia soulangiana

September 2015:

Nature photography


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  ~Ansel Adams



“What makes a good nature photograph is difficult to define. It is perhaps the ability of the photographer to anticipate, to react quickly, and, above all, to develop a flair for seeing a picture where one does not obviously present itself. For example, it is not difficult to fill the frame with a sharp image of a butterfly feeding on a flower by mounting the camera and one or two flashes on a single unit. on the other hand, it requires a certain amount of flair and courage to experiment by taking a moving subject with a slow shutter speed or by framing the subject, so that it occupies on a very small part of the frame, and thereby accentuating the vastness of the environment. By such experiments, which of course are not always successful, you can change a mere photographic record into an exciting visual concept that can have the added bonus of suggesting further ideas.”
~from The Book of Nature Photography by Heather Angel, p.9


At the Arboretum

Check out the Morton Arboretum Photographic Society blog for information about local photography events, ideas, and examples.

Explore The Morton Arboretum Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook pages for some lovely nature photographs from the grounds contributed by talented photographers and Arboretum staff.

We offer classes!

  • Introduction to Smartphone Photography - “Whether you are new to photography or an old hand, discover techniques for getting great nature images with your phone.”
  • Basic Nature Photography - “This course is designed for the beginning nature photographer to become  confident and focused.”
  • Composition in Nature - “Learn to capture the "physicality" of a scene - its shapes, textures, and forms - through composition, which is a cornerstone of photography. Discover techniques for composing and capturing natural scenes in photographs by combining the physical elements and colors you observe in nature.”
  • Click here to see all of The Morton Arboretum’s upcoming class offerings in the art of nature photography.


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