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Nature ConnectsⓇ: Art with LEGOⓇ bricks by Sean Kenney


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Schedule and Location

Friday, May 24, through Sunday, September 15

Build your summer outdoors with Nature Connects®: Art with LEGO® bricks by Sean Kenney, through Sunday, September 15 at The Morton Arboretum!

Marvel at awe-inspiring nature-themed sculptures created entirely from more than half a million LEGO bricks, set along the Arboretum’s tree-lined paths. See the beauty of the natural world captured in 15 intricate displays, including an eight-foot-long dragonfly, its enormous wings spread overhead, and a peacock showing off its brilliant green, yellow, and blue feathers. The fan-favorite exhibition makes its return to the Arboretum with three new displays, among them an oak tree sprouting from an acorn and a pileated woodpecker with a crimson crest.  

Just as LEGO bricks connect, all of nature’s diverse building blocks—trees, animals, birds, and insects—are linked to one another. Throughout the exhibition, Nature Connects showcases these meaningful relationships, with displays including a monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant and a bee on a colorful flower.  

This summer, see how everything in nature is connected at The Morton Arboretum. 

All fifteen displays are within walking distance of the Visitor Center. The route is approximately one mile. 

Stop by the Children's Garden to create a masterpiece with LEGO brick Play

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Fees and Admission

Included with Arboretum admission.

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