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About Thomas Dambo, Creator of Troll Hunt

Thomas Dambo, creator of Troll Hunt.
February 2, 2018

Thomas Dambo is an artist and designer who specializes in creating imaginative art pieces, sculptures, furniture, and more from recycled materials. A native of Odense, Denmark, Dambo loved building from an early age, creating tree houses and soap boxcars from old wood he found around his neighborhood.

In 2005, Dambo was accepted to Kolding School of Design in Kolding, Denmark, and throughout his time as a design student he explored street art. His first major endeavor, “Happy City Birds,” resulted in more than 3,500 birdhouses made from discarded construction materials and displayed in several cities around the world. 

Recently, Dambo completed work on The Six Forgotten Giants, six larger-than-life mythical creatures made from recycled wood and hidden in forests and meadows as well as alongside waterways in Copenhagen’s suburbs. The Six Forgotten Giants, which includes a scavenger hunt element, has earned Dambo worldwide acclaim, with stories on BBC Radio, marthastewart.com, the travel website Lonely Planet, and Bored Panda, an online community dedicated to sharing art, design, and photography.

Dambo is an ardent advocate for upcycling—the creative process of transforming by-products or unwanted items into new materials, thereby reducing waste—and regularly conducts workshops on the subject for schools and companies.

Based in Copenhagen, Dambo has created projects for the Danish music event Roskilde Festival, Visit Denmark, TEDx, Museo de arte de Puerto Rico, AON, and Copenhagen Metro Company, among others. Troll Hunt at The Morton Arboretum is Dambo’s first large-scale exhibit in the United States.

To learn more about Thomas Dambo and his art, visit www.thomasdambo.com.