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The Morton Arboretum Launches “Planted: Finding Your Roots in STEM Careers” Podcast

In the studio recording the podcast
September 24, 2018
The Morton Arboretum is proud to announce the release of “Planted: Finding Your Roots in STEM Careers,” a podcast designed to give STEM-focused high school or early college students an introduction to the wide variety of environmentally-focused career paths available to them.  The episodes feature tree and plant professionals at all stages of their respective careers—from an undergraduate intern exploring plant DNA, to a horticulture instructor at a community college, and an ethnopharmacologist studying plants used in traditional medicine and their potential ability to fight diseases such as Parkinson’s—sharing their experience, insight, and what they wish they knew when they were thinking about a career.   
The first two episodes will be available September 13 on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. Subsequent episodes will be released each Thursday, and by October 4, all nine episodes will be available.
Each episode of the podcast comes with a set of supporting resources created by The Morton Arboretum for students, parents, and teachers to use. These include profiles of each of the featured tree and plant science professionals, a profile of their favorite plant, a STEM career chart that highlights the opportunities and the educational requirements for various tree and plant science jobs, and a lesson plan for teachers that correlates to content from each podcast. All of the lesson plans are geared toward high school students and conform to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
“To ensure trees and plants thrive in this changing world, the industry needs more young people focused on tree and plant careers,” said Meghan Wiesbrock, manager of curriculum and instruction at the Arboretum, and one of the hosts of the podcast. “Through the podcast, we hope to inspire students to think about the variety of opportunities available in horticulture, and consider learning more through classes, internships and volunteering.”
The field of horticulture, which includes the science of growing trees, food, flowers, and ornamental plants, offers many diverse career opportunities. Those who find a career in tree and plant science may teach about plants, focus on addressing environmental problems, such as helping communities develop sustainable practices for threatened and endangered plant species, or working to ensure no tree goes extinct, or work to stop the spread of dangerous tree pests. 
For more information, visit the Planted: Finding Your Roots In STEM Careers
Inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals and tree champions is just one of the ways The Morton Arboretum works towards a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world. 
The Morton Arboretum thanks the Multimedia Service at College of DuPage for the use of its recording space.