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Center for Tree Science Projects and Collaborations

The Center prioritizes potential research projects and collaborations based on the scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and key challenges they address.

Center for Tree Science scientists seek new scientific knowledge in ecology, evolution, and physiology of trees to develop the technical expertise that allows the sustainable growth and management of trees in built environments, natural landscapes, and collections.

The Center also designs and builds research resources for the long-term study of trees that attract collaborators and enrich the scientific endeavors of students and professionals working towards solutions to the key challenges facing trees and people.

The Center’s research focuses on the key challenges in tree science:

- Resilience and adaptation of trees to pests and pathogens and land use and climate change
- Understanding threats to and conserving genetic and species diversity of trees
- Sustaining habitats, ecosystem processes, and ecosystem services
- Performance of trees as green infrastructure to improve the health of cities and towns
- Development of engineering tools, research platforms, and methods to study trees
- Public awareness of the value of trees for nature and society

Learn more about the Center's collaborative research projects and development of research resources:

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