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Center for Tree Science Events

The Center for Tree Science routinely hosts a variety of focused meetings, training and scientific workshops, and occasional special presentations.  Please check here for upcoming events!

The Center for Tree Science also regularly hosts weekly one-hour “Tree Talks” on Mondays at 11:30, primarily between September until May.  While we take a short vacation from these talks during the busy summer months of research and training, occasionally a speaker just can’t wait.  We’ll announce those special talks here.  “Tree Talks” are typically held in the newly renovated Cudahy Auditorium behind the front desk in the Administration Building but please verify the location below as space availability changes.  The annual symposium for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program in mid-August is the highlight of the summer program.

This fall we will primarily feature Morton Arboretum scientists giving us updates on their research and conservation programs.  But look out for some invited guests!



Tree Talks 

Mondays, 11:30 am, Cudahy Room, Administration Building

January 13, 2020: Chai-Shian Kua, The Morton Arboretum, Valuing our urban forest

January 20: Jake Miesbauer, The Morton Arboretum, updates on current projects in arboriculture science

January 27: Kris Bachtell, The Morton Arboretum, Paperbark maple conservation project

February 3: Silvia Alvarez-Clare, The Morton Arboretum, Oak research in Latin America: what we are doing and why it matters

February 10: CANCELLED, will be rescheduled later this springKim Shearer, The Morton Arboretum, A legacy of elm improvement

February 17: Chuck Cannon, The Morton Arboretum, Helping trees to thrive in the Anthropocene

February 24: Anna Davidson, University of California at Davis, The Carbohydrate Observatory 

March 2: Varsha Vijay, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), The global extent and impact of agriculture inside terrestrial protected areas

March 9: Andrea Brenner, Purdue University

March 16: Kurt Dreisilker, The Morton Arboretum

March 23: TBD

March 30: Cecilia Prada, University of Illinois, Seedling regeneration

April 6: Max Burkelhammer, University of Illinois at Chicago

April 13: Allan Strand, College of Charleston

April 20: Bianca Lopez, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)

April 28: Lauren Oakes, Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth System Science, Stanford University


Please contact spanock@mortonarb.org if you plan to attend any Center for Tree Science events.