Help for community forestry

The Morton Arboretum's Community Trees Program is a resource to land managers, land owners, forestry industry staff and professionals and anyone interested in urban forestry and trees.  The program has developed materials on a variety of topics to help communities, professionals, groups and residents plant, care for, and protect trees:

Tree Ordinances

A tree ordinance is a law enacted by a regulatory body to establish standards and actions within the community.  A tree ordinance would be enacted to establish standards and actions for the care, protection and planting of trees.  The Community Trees Program has developed a webinar and Tree Tool with information on how to develop tree ordinances and examples for developing or updating your local tree ordinances.

PDF iconTree Tools  Ordinances

Tree Management Plans

The basis for the care and repair of any community infrastructure is a routine management strategy.  The same can be said for green infrastructure--trees! The Community Trees Program has developed a webinar and Tree Tool with information on and examples of forestry management plans which can assist you in protecting and maintaining the community forest.

PDF iconTree Tools Tree Management Plans

Tree Inventories

A tree inventory helps you to begin to understand the  scope of your community forest, what is need in tree care, availability of planting locations, vulnerability to infestation, financial value etc. The Community Trees Program has developed a webinar and information with examples of different types of inventories - from the very simple to the very sophisticated.

Tree Propagation Program

Learn how to propagate trees within your community.  This is a Tree Propagation Tree Tool, with basic instruction on how to locate and identify viable seed sources for trees, how to prepare and grow the seeds into trees which can be transferred from your local nursery into your parkways and yards.  Additionally, provided is a list of local nurseries and their criteria (first come first served) who will contract grow these trees, should your community not have adequate space to grow them yourself.

Tree City USA

This is a national program that recognizes communities with sound urban forestry management.  To become a Tree City, a community must meet four main criteria:  maintain a tree board or department, have a community tree ordinance, spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry annually and celebrate Arbor Day.

Tree City USA


Funding Resources

The Community Trees Program has put together a list of funding sources available throughout the year.  It is important to visit the website of each of these funding agencies to determine what funding is available and when the applications are required. LEARN MORE