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Be a Tree Champion This Arbor Day

A grove of trees with sunlight streaming between the tree trunks

Be a tree champion this Arbor Day and every day. 

Plant, protect, and care for trees today to create a greener world for future generations.

Plant trees

Plant trees on your property and in your community. They improve our lives in countless ways. Choose a wide variety of tree species to decrease the risk of losing trees to pests and diseases. Select a tree species that can grow well in the soil, light, and other conditions of your site.  LEARN MORE

Protect trees

Work to make preserving trees–especially large, mature trees–a value in your community. Urge your local government to make tree care a budget priority.

Support The Morton Arboretum with a gift to advance tree science and conservation around the world. LEARN MORE

Care for trees

Spread mulch over trees’ roots to hold in moisture, keep roots cool, and improve the soil. Don’t pile mulch against a tree’s trunk, which can cause rot and disease. Instead, spread mulch in a wide, even layer three inches deep. LEARN MORE

Water newly planted trees regularly for at least two years. Water all trees–including parkway trees–when the weather is very dry. LEARN MORE