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Four Columns

Four 19-foot tall white columns make a stunning focal point on the groundsThe four stately white columns providing a focal point at the end of the Hedge Collection represent the inspiration of Suzette Morton Davidson, granddaughter of Arboretum founder Joy Morton. In 1960, Suzette urged her father Sterling Morton, then Chairman of the Board, to commission architect Arthur Myhrum to build the 19-foot tall cylindrical structures, reminiscent of four handsome columns that divided the rooms in her Chicago apartment. Intrigue surrounds the meaning of the Four Columns, which have been said to signify the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), the four Morton brothers (Joy, Paul, Mark, Carl), or pillars of salt (in correlation with Joy Morton's business enterprise). The columns are hollow and have a surface aggregate of northern Michigan dolomite to ensure a lasting white color.