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Arboretum staff

The Morton Arboretum's vibrant staff includes 190 full-time, 135 part-time, and 120 seasonal employees who work in areas such as plant collections and grounds, tree research, education, visitor services, and administration.  Employees come from diverse backgrounds but have in common a commitment to the mission of the Arboretum: to plant and protect trees for a greener, healthier, more beautiful world.

The vision of The Morton Arboretum is to be the leading center of tree expertise, inspiring the world to plant and protect trees. The management team leads the staff to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan: to strengthen the Arboretum's leadership in tree science and conservation; to inspire, encourage, and catalyze tree advocates; to position the Arboretum as a leading nonprofit in the Chicago region; and to develop and sustain the assets and resources needed to ensure institutional quality and long-term success.

Senior staff of the Arboretum:

Gerard T. Donnelly, PhD

President and CEO

Kris Bachtell, MS

Vice President of Collections and Facilities

Nicole Cavender, PhD

Vice President of Science and Conservation

Preston Bautista, PhD

Vice President of Learning and Engagement

James Fawley, MBA

Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Spiess, CFRE

Vice President of Development

Alicia LaVire

Vice President of Marketing and Communications